Coal Combustion Product Utilization


MCAA promotes the general welfare of the coal combustion products industry through the socially beneficial, technically sound and environmentally safe utilization of coal combustion products (CCPs).

Coal Combustion Product Education


One of the purposes of MCAA is to inform and educate its members and others related to the utilization of coal combustion products.

Coal Combustion Product Standards


MCAA establishes standards of professional practice and promotes mutual confidence among its members and users of CCP's.

Supporting Coal Combustion Products


MCAA works and cooperates with governmental officials, material specifiers, and other organizations to improve the marketing environments for coal combustion products.

Midwest Coal Ash Association Membership

Midwest Coal Ash Association Membership

Any corporation, other organization or person or division of a corporation wishing to support the purposes and objectives of this association, and producing or supplying materials, equipment or services to those so engaged, or having a substantial other interest in developing markets for, and promoting the use of, any type of coal ash shall be eligible to become a member of this association. The association shall have one class of members.